Dani Divine

Out of the blue Dani Divine got in contact with me… sometimes that’s how it happens!

This was also a big test for the mobile studio, having all the equipment I could need to create images that you’d never know that they’d been shot in someone’s dining room or bathroom (true story). Loaded the car up and headed to Banbury where Dani’s friend Rukia had been able to set up an pretty decent sized area for me to set up  my equipment. 

Was lucky enough to shoot outfits from Bibian Blue and Valkyrie Corsets, the images ended up being pretty standard fayre as they’re intention was more towards marketing rather than anything more unique.

The lights I’d used was my new kit from Interfit, a combination of their Honey Badger small form factors. 2 main electrics powered and two battery powered giving me maximum flexibility.

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