Twisted Pix BTS

Video is something I’ve always wanted to try, I’d studied film and TV at university but it never went any further in the past 20 years.

You have to set yourself challenges… do I have a camera that shoots 60fps at 1080p? No! 

So what do I have? i’ve got a Google Pixel 3xl that can!

I’d discussed with Bekah Davies of about doing a behind the scenes video and she was more than happy for me to have a go when she had a shoot booked with her muse at

The phone has great auto focus and stability, the only thing i couldn’t do was control exposure but you learn to work with the limitations at hand! Because this is all new my main aim was to get as much coverage as possible to be edited, I got over 10gb’s worth which is another thing to think about going forward which is why I’ve added more hard drive space and a better processor and graphics card provided by my friend and computer technician wizard Dr. Redman!

The day went well, Bekah end up doing 5 set up, one with a backdrop that’s now on loan at the studio, with some excellent final images created which you can see in the video.

Footage is only half of the battle though, editing is the other! For the past few weeks prior to the shoot I’d been scouring youtube for tutorials on Premiere Pro, I had a little experience over the years but nothing as extensive as what I was about to undertake. Luckily this research gave me a basic idea of how to construct the video, finding the right music, titles, transitions. Was all something new yet familiar as the main knowledge of editing from the past was done on SVHS with In and Out points, nothing compared to how it is now.

For my first attempt I’m extremely happy with the result, it’s not perfect and it could do with tightening in places but it’s given me a solid start and given me incentive to do more!

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